Friday, December 21, 2012

Rest of the world - save yourselves!

Duck and Cover people!

Here in Australia the last few survivors are banding together, but the rabid Drop Bears are closing in...

We can't hold on much longer

Hard to get a good still shot, what with the ground shaking so much... this is where the dormant volcano used to be, and the boiling ocean rushing in.

The Drop Bears are attacking!

Now that the zombified wombats have teamed up with the rabid kangaroos, things are getting really shaky down here in Australia.
Power is out, thank goddess I have my back-up mini solar panel, but with the sky this dark, it's not charging well.

Sydney has gone down too

It Burrrrrrrns! Send help! Save yourselves!

Red glow Fire in the sky

It's the whole east coast of Australia now!
if we don't make it, tell my wife I loved her!

The sky is green with fire

Breaking News
This is the view from my street RIGHT NOW!!! Posting from Australia, where it's already after 2pm on the 21st.
Send help! I don't know if this will go through, we're losing power intermittently and the networks keep dropping.

The beginning of the end

It's been the 21st for over 10 hours now, there are roving bands of rioters, earthquakes, lightning, fiery stones hailing from the sky 
please send help! and cake!



Only The Doctor can save us now

The Stroke of Midnight

It's the End of the World! 
Here in Australia, it has passed midnight, 21 December 2012.
I can see two moons!
Everyone should be warned! the sun is gone, and I can see two moons in the sky
please send help we can report that-...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The final countdown

Ten minutes to the end of the world. I can see two moons in the sky, and there is lightning and thunder.
Or that might be the tequila talking